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Stuffed Animal Storage Seats for the Win!

I have absolutely loved these stuffed animal storage bags! Such a great find!

Two of my chicklets are stuffed animal collectors 🐒🦁🐏🐎
In a MAJOR way.

The animals were taking over their beds. No room for them! Lol!

I tried the animal hammocks. An animal chain (it hung down the wall). I may have even tried getting rid of some animals....and that did not go over well 🙄😖😭 These bags have been THE BEST SOLUTION for the stuffed animal zoo! I keep one in the living room now for the kids to get comfy on 😀I love watching the toddler curl up with a book 📖 and wriggle in. 
And the price?! Way easier on the wallet than the $100 kid chairs I've seen 😜

Not all bags are created equal though. I have tried different manufacturers to find the best. This one is a great size and very durable. 💪

Need One? Or Two?