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Our Story

Once Upon A Time.....

I realized I had an addiction to making stuff, mostly messes LOL  I love to craft, create & decorate! In 2009 I had a friend who put on a craft fair. Out of the blue she asked if I wanted a booth so I could sell stuff- I said YES! She asked what I would be selling. I said I DON'T KNOW, but I will find/make something!

It's been a blast ever since.

I dabble in a lot of areas but some things have stuck with me. I decided to open my etsy shop because it seemed like a little adventure

Currently, in that shop, I sell Burp Cloths & Paci Clips.

I recently started offering more Kid/Baby Items - why? because I can! HA! No really, I just really love a good find & wanted to share them with others!

I have 3 daughters and 1 husband  We live on a farm out in the sticks and LOVE it! So that’s where I’m at, running around Chasing my Chicklets!